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Artha WearTech Solutions is a distributor of Alloy Steel premium quality wear products providing excellent value and cost-effective wear solutions ensuring safety in design. Alloy Steel International offers a variety of products including Arco plate, Arco block, Arco tuff, Arco bolt, Arco weld & WAM.

We serve various industries including Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Timber, Cement, Nuclear, Mining, Automotive, Food, Dental, Steel Mills, Power, etc.

For over 30 years, Alloy Steels International’s (ASI) who are our principals has provided technical solutions to customers facing significant wear problems world-wide with our range of wear-resistant plates with chromium carbide rich overlay manufactured by a patented production process maximizing abrasion resistance and reducing hang up.

Our Asset protection applications include apron feeders, pan feeders, crusher liners, conveyor skirt liners, transfer chutes, cyclones, buckets, train load-out chutes, dozer blades, truck beds, buckets, and loader liners.