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Arcoweld hardfacing products cover a comprehensive selection of welding consumables tailored to meet specific demand characteristics of industrial applications. Arcoweld hardfacing consumables are used to repair and build up worn components and (or) provide armoured cladding of components subject to all types of abrasion, corrosion or impact. No matter what the application you will always find the right solution for your specific requirements within Arcoweld’s extensive product range.

Extremely quick to apply, they protect high-wear components in plant and machinery offering a remarkably economical and long-lasting solution to a vast range of wear problems. With the application of hardfacing, most new or rebuilt components can meet service life targets unachievable in original OEM condition, our team can assist with welding engineering to develop these processes.

Mining EquipmentMobile and Fixed Plant Crushing / Sizing Waste and Recycling
Mixing / Milling Power Generation Sugar Pulp and Paper
Chemical Steel Production
Glass Cement Automotive Industries

Inclusively, our cored hardfacing wires are available in a range of packaging, suitable for small portable welding equipment through to heavy industrial or automated welding applications. Small wire diameters of 1.2/1.6 mm available on standard 15kg spools and larger diameter 2.4/2.8/3.2 mm on 25kg coils or 150/300 kg “payout pack” drums. Most small diameter wires are self-shielded suited to application in the field, larger diameters suited to large scale workshops have the option of utilising Submerged Arc Process to reduce fumes and multiply productivity. ARCOWELD hardfacing welding consumables are available as both cored wire and as electrode rods.


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