REDLIST is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company providing mobile-enabled production, safety, and maintenance apps for businesses in over 15 unique industries. The Redlist platform is a cloud-based web and mobile app available in the Google Play and Apple App stores, which allows managers, teams, and machines to all be on the same page. The platform drives down expenses, increases the life of equipment, improves employee efficiency, ensures a safer work environment, and makes a significant impact on the bottom line for small and large businesses alike.

Redlist is a company headquartered in Pleasant Grove, UT. For more information visit


Alloy Steel International (ASI) is an independent international company with its manufacturing facility and head office in Perth, Western Australia.

ASI has developed a good market presence since it began manufacturing Arcoplate in 1991.

The main focus for the team at ASI is to produce protective wear plate to assist in maximising production while reducing costs of repairs and maintenance for our customers. Arcoplate is produced in various grades and thicknesses to ensure we have plate suitable for different applications. Continuous improvement is a must, that is why we have a team of metallurgists and engineers developing Arcoplate and our other wear materials.